Urological diseases affect everyone, regardless of gender. To cope with the problem without surgery, a holistic approach to the problem is necessary, that’s why in our center we focus on the latest physical therapy, and each patient can count on an individual approach to his problem.

Urinary incontinence is a serious problem for both men and women of various ages. It is merely a stereotype that urinary incontinence only occurs in elderly women.  The frequency of the occurrence of this problem increases from 10% at the age of 20 to 35% at the age of 50 and further up after 70 years of age. Urinary incontinence is most frequently caused by childbirth. This inconvenience significantly affects the quality of life, it may also negatively influence physical, professional and sexual activity. Painful menstruation is not only young women’s concern. Men’s problems in this group of conditions include trouble with the prostate gland and erectile dysfunctions.

On occasions, they do, but these methods are invasive and usually only work symptomatically and not causally.(“According to the Polish Urology and Gynaecology Association, there are no grounds to consider laser methods as treatment in urinary incontinence, as information on the mechanism of treatment and credible evidence has so far not been provided. It is an invasive method, as the use of laser has irreversible effect on tissue subject to coagulation” – quotation from on-line sources).

In true (lesser) pelvis, many muscles, nerves and much connective tissue are located. What also affects urination, sexual functions and pain is the mental state and the condition of the spine (which is rarely noted). Only a full evaluation of the condition of the muscles and nerves in the whole area (including the spine) allows for causal treatment.  What needs to be restored is the correct function of the entire area, and not only the urinary meatus or a fragment of the vagina. Unfortunately, no miraculous one-day treatment (even extraordinarily expensive) is available.  After all, it is not reasonable to believe in miracles. Systematic individual work, however, with the help of equipment of appropriate parameters and power, is indeed effective. SALUS-TALENT URO is a newest generation appliance for muscoskeletal system therapy (muscle and nervous systems). It is perfect for pain treatment, but also as a means of deep-stimulation and acceleration of tissue regeneration. What is more, it has an anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect, which is why it is used in urological and gynaecological condition treatment. The procedure is repeated twice a week for approximately 4 weeks.


The Salus-Talent URO therapy is a kind of electromagnetic deep stimulation of high intensity and low frequency of electromagnetic field, which makes the treatment non-invasive and safe for patients. In urological and gynaecological conditions, we offer therapy which is external, involves no undressing and body cavity invasion, which makes it more comfortable.

Impulses of power up to 2.5 Tesla (an average MRI is approx. 1.5 Tesla) stimulate nervous cells, muscles, blood vessels and all true pelvis muscles.

As opposed to electric stimulation, which is only superficial, here the penetration reaches 10 cm.

Indicated most commonly in:

urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunctions, post-natal regeneration, painful menstruation, strengthening of true pelvis muscles, chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, post-prostate surgery rehabilitation.


Fast recovery of physical fitness, effective and non-invasive therapy.

Pain-free procedure, comfort, precision, safety.

It is necessary that each patient takes proper care for their well-being by means of appropriate exercises or diet. Each patient will be granted a supervisor, a coach to show them what to do and how to exercise to fix all their problems. In our facility, we have over 30 years of experience with spine, muscle, nerve, connective and adipose tissue and other conditions. Frequently, to help our patient we employ the knowledge and experience from many different disciplines, because only a holistic approach can guarantee improvement and full recovery.

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