Prolotherapy is a source-oriented joint and spine pain treatment method. The treatment method consists in administering the preparation into the damaged element of the joint, muscle or ligament. The uniqueness of this form of treatment consists in eliminating pain by repairing the damaged tissue and its structure. It is thought to be most effective to administer ready-made MD collagen or platelet-rich plasma, which is derived from the patient’s whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells.

PROLOTERAPY with administration of Collagen MD or PRP and I-PRF
(platelet rich plasma, platelet rich fibrin)

Stimulated with injected substances, the body produces new collagen. Due to “proliferative” activities, this method was called proleraerapy. It has been successfully used for over a dozen years and is addressed to people suffering from bothersome pain of the spine and joints on the basis of damage, degeneration and overload. In the Spinal Therapy Center we also use it in the therapy of athletes who want to return to sports as soon as possible.

For some time, it was popular to say that the side effect of this kind of therapy is the creation of scars. In-depth research, however, disproved these allegations. It was proven that the injected substances have proliferating effect and affect the organism in a way so that it starts producing new collagen. This is why the treatment was named prolotherapy.
This method of treatment is for those suffering from spine and joint pain due to degeneration or overload, but also for injured sportsmen who wish to return to their sports activities as quickly as possible. Tendons and ligaments, built of connective tissue, may only extend to a degree, and exceeding this limit causes strain or tearing. Slightly reduced collagen quality plus heavy overload are certain to result in injury.

Collagen and plasma in the treatment of joint and back pain

MD Collagen consists of ready-made collagen fibres which make up the deficiency in the painful area. Platelet growth factors (PRP) consist of concentrated blood platelets. The mechanism of their activity consists in secreting growth factors, which significantly modulate the correct restoration of tissue, tendons or muscles. What grows back is healthy new tissue – stimulated in this way, the organism produces new collagen. 

An advantage of this treatment is the fact that only the patient’s own blood is used and there is no risk of viral infections or allergic reactions. Grote, a renowned medical specialist, explains that the general rule is that “PRP works about three times faster than regular prolotherapy and is significantly more expensive”.  James Cyriax, an English physician referred to by Pattinson as “the father of modern orthopaedics”, was the first one to introduce prolotherapy in the United Kingdom. He once said that 15% of all pains have their source in muscles or bones, and the remaining 85% may be treated with prolotherapy.

US and UK research investigating four types of injection therapy – including prolotherapy – in the treatment of tennis elbow has shown up to 94% improvement. By choosing prolotherapy, the patients not only have the chance to get rid of troublesome medical problems, but also provide their organism with stimulation necessary for healing what even the most modern medicine fails to remedy.
Most frequently, a series of sessions is advised. The peak of cell regeneration occurs about 2–4 weeks after the session, but full regeneration may take much more. Our doctors determine the method and preparation type after evaluating the patient’s condition and his or her regeneration potential. In Poland, only a few health facilities offer prolotherapy, and in spite of the fact that it is highly effective, there is still not enough high-quality equipment, products and experienced specialists.
In the Spine Therpay Centre, we have been making use of prolotherapy for many years. We are highly experienced in the use of MD Collagen and all other types of preparations (we offer training workshops for specialist physicians in this matter). Combining various methods, including manual therapy, physical therapy and kinesiotherapy, we manage to achieve effectiveness much higher than in various other facilities.

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