Spine and joint therapy in Wroclaw

The Spinal Therapy Center is a center specialized in eliminating the pain caused by various diseases and injuries. We focus on innovative therapies that are considered the best in the world. We also use so-called combination therapies – a combination of many methods – which gives fantastic results.

Access to world-class modern equipment and the best therapists and specialists allows us to offer a wide range of methods that excel in high efficiency. This is because they act on the causes of diseases, stimulating tissues to regenerate. We care for patients comprehensively, offering – besides massages and training – treatments such as the so-called non-invasive liposuction to recover a slim figure. All this for the sake of health and well-being. The methods used are always selected individually to the patient – based on the diagnosis, the interview and other factors – so as to ensure the highest effectiveness and full comfort of therapy.

Why We?

The vast majority of patients consider us to be the most effective.

We have the largest therapeutic options in Poland.

centrum rehabilitacji

Innovative and effective methods

centrum rehabilitacji

Modern technologies and equipment

centrum rehabilitacji

Individual approach

centrum rehabilitacji

A stationary and outpatient stay

Our therapies

Modern physical therapy

Manual therapy

Collagen and plasma PRP and I-PRF

Combination therapy

Spine Coach

With what diseases
patients get to us most often?

We use therapeutic methods with versatile action, which is why our offer is addressed to patients with various ailments. The most frequent are people complaining about pains: spine, limbs, heads (also migraines), joints. We also successfully treat tennis elbow, posture defects, scoliosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, neuralgia and all sports injuries and after traffic accidents. We provide each patient with diagnostics and individual selection of therapeutic methods.

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Spine diseases


Headaches and dizziness




Degeneration of joints


Pain in the knees and hips


Damage after accidents


Sports injuries


Chronic fatigue


Faulty posture


Foot disorders


Urinary incontinence


Painful menstruation
























About us

The Center team consists only of highly qualified specialists who are eager to deepen their knowledge and seek new methods of helping patients. We approach each one individually and with a high degree of sensitivity and cordiality. At the Center are: spondyliatra doctor, manual therapy specialists, orthopedic surgeon, family physician, proloterapie specialist of the elderly and magister of physiotherapy and masseurs. Every day, they help Spondylo-Clinic patients to effectively get rid of troublesome pain. Perseverance in the therapeutic process of each of our patients ensures satisfying results, and cooperation between specialists allows for the most effective combined therapy.

Spondylo-Clinic GROUP

Center of spine therapy
in Wroclaw


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