HBOT – Oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric Therapy (HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is a therapeutic method. Which uses 100% oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure, administered in hyperbaric chamber, which significantly increases the amount of oxygen in the body (even 15 times).

Hyperbaric chamber in Wroclaw

By providing the tissues and organs with increased amount of oxygen, we improve blood circulation. Oxygen reaches those oxygen lacking areas which have remained dormant for a long time. It stimulates your organism to functional activity, enhances the immune system and increases cellular metabolism. You gain new life energy. The number of circulating stem cells increases significantly. The oxygen greatly hastens wound healing and fights various infections.

NOTE! The hyprebaric oxygen chamber used in the new SPINE THERAPY CENTRE in one of the most modern and biggest in its group and has visibly better parameters than other chambers of this type.  The dimensions of 245x102x102 cm guarantee comfort (you can read a book inside) even for two. A specially-designed ventilation system allows phone calls or work on a tablet or computer (wi-fi provided). Oxygen is supplied to each patient from a separate oxygen concentrator of very high technical and medical parameters. No claustrophobic effect

   Important informationall patients are provided with professional health care

Using oxygen regularly slows ageing, helps maintain mental and physical fitness for a long time, and – as evidenced by statistics – may even add 10 years to your life.  Using oxygen regularly slows ageing, helps maintain mental and physical fitness for a long time, and – as evidenced by statistics – may even add 10 years to your life.  In conjunction with appropriate diet, it is a perfect method to prevent cancer and circulatory diseases.  HBOT is a must – actors, models and signers all around the world know that for sure. No cosmetic is as efficient as providing the organism with oxygen from the inside. It markedly reduces ageing. Skin becomes healthier, signs of fatigue are soothed, and formation of wrinkles is prevented.  HBOT helps fighting overweight and obesity. It has an anti-depression effect, boosts energy and increases vitality. We have finally discovered an effective solution for problems with cholesterol, erection and circulatory insufficiency! 

HBOT is also intended for children, especially with skin problems, allergies, autism, ADHD. It is an irreplaceable and effective supplementary treatment of motor system problems, nervous, circulatory and digestive system insufficiency, as well as chronic diseases (borreliosis, chronic wounds, anaemia, migraines, depressions, mycoses, chronic fatigue).
Competitive sports do not exist without modern regeneration of the organism, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of its vital elements.
10 visits in the chamber can replace 2-week holiday, and regular use (twice a week) significantly improves physical and mental capabilities, which is of considerable relevance for all those who undertake exhausting physical or mental activities.

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