Manual therapy aims to restore the “balance” of joints, muscles and nerve structures. Only then can the body heal. In manual therapy the most important is a wise and experienced therapist. At the beginning, a diagnosis or interview is carried out, followed by examination and proper interpretation of imaging tests. We remember that the traffic apparatus should be treated as a whole.

Manual therapy is used in the treatment of scoliosis and other types of faulty posture. It also helps in head and neck aches, sleep disorders and migraines. This method is also very effective in alleviating spine pain.

Manual therapy consists of a preparation, which encompasses medical consultation as well as muscoskeletal system functional and palpatory examination, and of the procedure, which follows the preparation. Establishing a correct diagnosis allows the therapist to properly examine the condition of soft tissue and the function of bones and joints. To this end, the therapist evaluates the motor organs both at rest and during active and passive movements. After completing the examination which indicated the source of the pain, the therapist may select the appropriate therapeutic method and start the procedure, which is completely painless. Manual therapy shows great results, and as soon as after several sessions persistent pain is alleviated. So as to prevent recurrence of pain and to ensure permanence of the therapeutic effect, a range of other procedures is employed such as medical massage, post isometric muscle relaxation as well as relaxing and strengthening exercises. Additionally, the patient is provided with an array of indications to follow so as to make the results of the therapy permanent.

First diagnostics and interview, then examination and proper interpretation of imaging tests. We remember that the traffic apparatus should be treated as a whole. After the examination, which showed the source of the discomfort, the therapist can choose the most effective therapeutic method and proceed to the procedure, which is completely painless.

Both manual techniques performed by the therapist and exercises in which the patient is the active side are used. The patient is also taught new behaviors and correct movement patterns. We are the creators of the function of the spinal trainer. Often the only way to ultimately cure is to change many of the patient’s previous behavior.

When to decide on manual therapy?

Manual therapy is effective, among others, in:


head and neck pain


nerve root pain




hip and lower/upper extremity conditions


migraine-type pains


faulty posture (e.g. scoliosis)


sleep disorders


joint, spine and limb pain

In our facility, we also offer dry needling treatment.

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