The first magnetic therapy device on the market which allows subjectively perceptible intensity during the procedure and magnetic induction of 2.5 Tesla with up to 50 Hz frequency.

Basic properties:
Precise electromagnetic field, which penetrates through layers of clothes, tissue and bone, stimulating a designated area inside the body (depth of penetration up to 10 cm). 

  • High-quality easy-use applicator
  • Effective, non-invasive therapy
  • Great effects after just a few sessions
  • Broad spectrum of uses (in areas inaccessible for other devices)

Benefits of Salus-Talent therapy

SALUS therapy is an effective and non-invasive therapy. The results are confirmed by clinical tests. It has a wide range of applications (places not available for other therapies) and is safe to use. It brings fantastic results, is a painless procedure and has no side effects.

Indications for deep electromagnetic stimulation:

Spinal diseases:

– Acute / chronic cross-lumbar pain
– Sciatica (ischialgia)
– Back spina bifida
– Spondylosis (degenerative changes of the vertebrae)

Nervous system disorders:

– Damage to peripheral nerves

Musculoskeletal disorders:

– Degeneration of joints
– Rheumatoid arthritis
– Neck pain
– Shoulder frozen (limitation of movements due to inflammatory or degenerative changes)

Genitourinary system disorders:

– Prostate pain

and also: sports rehabilitation, muscle weakness, muscle wasting



Clinically confirmed results


Effective and non-invasive therapy


The deepest penetration on the market (10 cm deep into the tissue)

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