SIRIO – deep cavitation stimulation

SIRIO is an extraordinary physical therapy device that generates acoustic waves of 38 kHz frequency. This revolutionary treatment combines the phenomenon of cavitation and thermal effect. Thanks to this combination, nociceptive metabolites are removed from the organism, which accelerates regeneration processes and results in positive therapeutic effects.


SIRIO is perfect for:

  • acute and chronic inflammations of the muscoskeletal system
  • calcific tendinitis
  • muscoskeletal system disorders
  • ligament injuries
  • severe muscle fibrosis
  • acute and chronic tendon and muscle conditions
  • haematomas
  • oedemas
  • lipomas
  • scars


SIRIO therapy is safe and painless for the patient, and the results are noticeable as soon as after the first session. The advanced technology used in SIRIO makes the therapeutic effects complement one another and boost the positive influence on the organism. The session, lasting only several minutes, positively affects the muscoskeletal system, locally boosting the metabolism and improving metabolic waste disposal. This ensures quick and long-term regeneration of soft tissue. SIRIO therapy is advised both in chronic and acute inflammation, calcification, injury and other diseases of the muscoskeletal system.

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